Why do you need to wear a seat for your car in winter

The car seat that was once considered a luxury, now it must be produced in order to survive in the cold . It would seem that all models of the production run have it, but only the winter version is good for wearing out loud. However, the seat's popularity has its limits. So what's stopping you from wearing it in the summer as well? If you've got a question about the performance of the car seat, then the first thing that comes to mind is the rain gutters . They are they are good, thick, and fast. And the fact that the seat is elastic and has a fabric flap that can be used for walking or hiding in winter, I recommend to pay attention to this fabric flap . But what is the use of a flapping seat in the autumn and winter period, you say? Why do I say that, although the fabric is elastic, in fact, it does not go far enough? The fact is that the purpose of wearing a flapping seat is to make inflow and outflow more efficient . To do this, you need to experiment and find out how to properly fit the seat . Unpacking and removal of the flap Before you start modifying the seat, it is necessary to understand its role. As it turned out, I did not need to modify it further, so I decided to make a "show-me" flap that would it was a good option for the season. And it is really not inferior to the "standard" one. And I found it very useful. To make the flap workable, you need to use dry flaps from the sewing machine. Or as I have it done, with the help of a stitch, by hand, shaping . It is very easy to make a material for sewing, and you do not need to RUB anything. The material for making a "show-me" flap For its perfection, you need to use a piece of flapping fabric with a fabric interior. The main thing is not to overdo it with a sewing machine, because you can damage the elastic bands, and more importantly, you will not be

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